West Street Fire HQ

original idea to locate at Cunard/, maynard, agricola, and woodhill, but after discussion Site #2 in fire station replacement report be approved with the addition of civics #5684, 5688, and 5694 west st, and civics 2401 and 2405 Agricola added to the site.

June 30 1966, terms of reference approved, and a request for architects to be made. Besides the fire hall, an Maintenance shop is to be built. the building should be completed in 2 phases.

Feb 16/1967 Agreement signed with Architects Robert J Flinn and Associates


by April


, preliminary sketches are prepared. and June 29, Mr. W.F and Mrs R.M. Clements settle for $13500 for 5681 west st. By august, estimates are in  and the projected total cost is $618185.00. a completion of late 1968 is projected. Approval is given for detailed drawings to be produced.

4000 was paid to Miss Margert Meehan for 23×90′ of her property on james street for the station. (oct 1967)

March 14/68 plans approved, and tenders called for.

by aug, 1968 all properties needed were owned by the city, except for 170-172  Maynard street, which was vacant alnd assesed to margeret Grindison. As she lacked clear title to the land, the area was expropriated, and compensation of 4000$ was paid to her.

the tender was awareded to raymond L. Kaizer Ltd for $634,397.00 (aug 15 1968)

flinn graduated from mcgill in 1962. when he became an architect, he already had an established engineering practice in Halifax. His thesis was a court house for halifax.

the new west street fire station would replace  the 1896 West Street Station, the 1904 bedford row station, and the Oxford Street station, and opened tuesday Oct 18, 1969

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