Our beliefs

The Action Group for Better Architecture in Nova Scotia (AGBANS) was formed to advance the public purposes of architecture and planning. AGBANSs aims include preservation and advocacy.

  1. We believe that historic structures exist in a continuum, and can be appropriately adapted for modern reuse, while maintaining their history.
  2. We believe architecture should be debated and discussed openly
  3. We believe age should not be the major factor in determining a buildings historical significance.
  4. We recognize “NIMBY” concerns about wind, shadow, traffic, property values and height often are the product of fear of change, or masking someone’s self interest. They may also be legitimate and should be investigated.
  5. We believe that rather then merely opposing elements of projects, or projects entirely, workable solutions must be presented.
  6. We believe that better discourse leads to better development. As such, we are committed to clear messages.